Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dear Supervisor-In-Training

I know you are new to this whole leadership thing -- and apparently the whole integrity thing, too-- so let me clue you in with a little piece of advice:

No matter what your motives or intentions are, it is never a good idea to lie to your production superintendent.

Don't go tell him you need a sub-brazer on your line if you don't really need a sub-brazer on your line.  Because of your blatant falsehood, someone else had to make do without a sub-brazer that he really did need, while a perfectly competent sub-brazer spent the day at the end of your line screwing on drain pans-- which anyone from the floater pool can do.

I suggest you learn integrity pretty quickly.  If you keep lying, your employees will resent you and your bosses won't trust you.

Then you won't even need to finish your training, because you'll be gone.

Thank you.

That is all.


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