Monday, November 30, 2015

A Day Of Weirdness

It all started before the sun was even up.  I was having one of those dream within a dream dreams.  You know, inception style.

In my dream, I was asleep, and someone came up behind me and was pushing on my shoulder, trying to wake my dream self up.  Whoever it was was pushing me so hard, the entire bed was shaking.  It was very annoying.  I was trying to wake my dream self up and get my dream eyes opened, but I couldn't.  My dream self was trying to shout, "Stop it!", but I couldn't get my dream mouth to open. Somewhere in the process, my real self cried out, which woke my real dog up.  Real Jesse started barking, which woke up my real self and my dream self, thus ending the inception.

It was all very strange.

I got up and went to work as usual.  After work, I was going to run the title to my old trailer house to the buyer's bank.  It being the first day after a holiday weekend, I decided I'd call his person to make sure she was there today.  Sitting in the parking lot of the plant, I dialed the number on my cell phone.

I forgot I have that phone sync thing in my new car.  When it started ringing through the speakers on my radio, it like to have scared the poo out of me.  Anyway, I got the title delivered, and that is all taken care of and done with.

Since I was in town and needed milk, I went on to the store.  Now, I have more ornaments than my Christmas tree can hold, but I wanted to get a new one this year, for my first Christmas in my new house.  Wal-mart doesn't really have a vast selection of commemorative ornaments, but I found this little guy.

He's got the date on his scarf, so I thought he'd be perfect.

I didn't notice this until after I got him home. 

Sigh...Red Sharpie to the rescue. 

Now he's perfect! 

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