Thursday, November 26, 2015

Our Thanksgiving

I have a confession to make.

As old as I am, I still get ridiculously excited for holidays.  I even get excited for holidays I don't celebrate.  Hanukkah, for example.  I may be sitting here calm and sedate, but on the inside, I'm jumping up and down and squeeing.

This year, Thanksgiving was a bit bittersweet, knowing it would be our last one in Beverly and James' house.  It was different, not being right next door to them -- having to load my food in the car and drive it over, instead of just walking out the back door and to their house.  I did have one breakdown, after we'd eaten.  I looked over and thought, "I need to run that jello over and put it into the refrigerator -- oh, wait..."

Anyway, since it was just the four of us, we kept it simple and stress free.  We still had plenty of food and all got sufficiently stuffed. 

We took the ubiquitous family photos.  (BTW, I am thankful that Cody shaved, even though he says he's going to regrow his beard.  I'm also thankful that he's not putting glitter in said beard.  Very thankful.)

Beverly and James, in their last Thanksgiving photo in front of this fireplace.  

After we ate, James laid down to take a nap because he's working nights, and Beverly, Cody, and I put up her little tree. 

They bought a smaller tree than they've had in the past because when they get back to Texas, their living room will be a lot smaller than the den they have here.  

That, and nobody was sure if they'd still be in this house, since it's already up for sale. We put their bird ornament collection on it, and a few more keepsake ornaments, and that was about all. 

Once the tree was done, we all dozed off in front of the TV, and some naughty little elf decorated the deer.  

Here is the almost finished product: 

They still have to find the angel and the tree skirt. 

Tomorrow, they are going to come over and help me with mine. But for tonight, I think I'll fix me a plate of leftovers and watch Miracle On 34th Street. 

I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving, too. 

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