Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Week

Today is the official start of Thanksgiving week.  I'm going to post one thing I am thankful for each day until Thanksgiving Day.  Some people say you shouldn't observe holidays.  We should be thankful every day, and not just one day a year.  You should love people every day, not just on Valentine's Day.  Holidays are ridiculous, they say. 

I think these people are ridiculous.  There is nothing wrong with setting a day aside to celebrate something.  If you read the Old Testament, how many times does God tell the children of Israel to set this day aside, set that day aside, take this day to remember?  Celebrating holidays is Biblical.  In face, even the word Holiday comes from Holy Day. 

A while back, an atheist acquaintance of mine said that she didn't want to go to Heaven.  She wasn't going to spend eternity groveling at the feet of a vengeful and judgmental God.  I am so thankful that my God isn't like that.  My God is the one who so loved the world that he gave his only son.  That my God is the one who came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  That my God is the one who is not willing that any should perish, but that all people should come to repentance.  That he knows my name, and no one can snatch me out of his hand.

For that, I am thankful beyond words. 

Friday morning, Beverly called me to discuss Thanksgiving dinner menu.  That is one of my absolute favorite things to do all year.  The plant gave us a turkey, so I'm going to be doing that, plus a fruit salad, a sweet potato casserole, and a sweet potato pie.  It's only going to be the 4 of us this year, so we decided to keep it kind of small. 

I wasn't going to make a pumpkin pie, because I'm the only one who eats pumpkin pie.  But then, I decided, heck, I eat pumpkin pie.  I'm going to make one anyway.  I won't take it over, but I'll eat it at home. 

I thought by going to the store Friday, I'd avoid the crowds later in the week.  I was wrong.  The store was pretty packed, but I got my stuff and made it out without incident.  The bad news is, when I got up Saturday morning and went to feed the cat, I realized I'd forgotten cat food.  She doesn't have enough to make it the whole week, so I'm going to have to go back one day after work. 

This morning was the first frost of the year.  I didn't go out and take pictures of it.  I'm sure you all know what frost looks like by now.  The cold has made for some great knitting weather.  I spent a good chunk of the last two days weaving in ends on my blanket.  Yes, I finally found a tapestry needle!

Here is a progress photo of the blanket I'm knitting for myself. 

I have a few more squares to add, then I'll set it aside and work on my sister's.  

Cody gave me this Christmas cactus when he was 7.  That makes it 15 years old. 

It didn't bloom for a long time, but it's bloomed pretty regularly these last four or five years.  

I was kind of worried that it wouldn't bloom this year, what with the move and all.  I shouldn't have.  It's doing just fine. 

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