Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Thanksgiving

It felt kind of strange this year, not having to cook the turkey.  James and Beverly had bought a smoked turkey, so I didn't have to worry about cooking mine.  I did do my casseroles, jello salad, and a pie, but I felt the whole time like I needed something else to cook. 

Mike and Brittani were both sick.  I could tell as soon as he walked into the house that Mike wasn't feeling well.  He went straight to the couch and went to sleep.  He did wake up to eat, but then took some ibuprofin and went back to bed. I didn't feel his head, but Dennise said he was running fever.  I took her word for it. 

Other than that, we had a great time. 
I set the table, and 

and the other table, too. 

I was kind of proud of how nice they looked, because normally, I'm not very good at decorating. 

We had lots of food

and family. 

After dinner, we put up their Christmas tree. 

Brittani decorated,

and Corey decorated

and Brittani decorated some more

and Corey decorated some more.

and Shelbi decorated. 

She's good at decorating.  She can stick some fake flowers in a vase, and it looks real nice.  I stick fake flowers in a vase, and it looks like fake flowers in a vase. 

Cody's just not into decorating. 

I think he gets that from me.  I like a decorated house; I just don't like doing the decorating.  Anyway...

There were lots of pretty decorations on the tree,

but there was one very special decoration hidden in the tree as well.   

Funny, Brittani decorated all around it, and she never saw it.  Cameron finally had to get it out of the tree and present it to her.

They are now officially engaged. 

And the finished tree:

And the ubiquitous family photos. 

James and Beverly.

Shelbi, Josh, and Corey

Dennise and the girls.

And finally, all of them, except Mike, whom we decided to let sleep, since he was so sick. 

Then, I came back home and watched the Cowboys beat the Raiders-- and posted the scores for my crazy friends who were out shopping. 

They did let me bring the turkey carcass home, so I'll have my soup after all.  I'll probably start that tomorrow.

Today, I'm getting my Thanksgiving stuff put away, and getting my Christmas stuff out.  Jesse is very worried about this.  Anything out of the routine makes him nervous.  He's already stressed out because Rylea isn't here. 

Sometimes I wonder if it's possible for a dog to be an introvert.  If it is, Jesse certainly is one. 

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