Friday, November 01, 2013

An Experiment

I saw someone post on Facebook that if you swipe your nails before polishing them, your manicure/pedicure will last longer.  Now, I see a lot of this type of advice online, and most of it is crap.  Seriously.

Like the one that says a baking soda paste will remove the stains from your cookware to make it like new.  That one didn't work at all.  After copious amounts of scrubbing with steel wool, my pans looked marginally better, but nowhere near like the photos showed. 

Or the one that says separating your bananas can make them last twice as long.  Nope.  Maybe a day or two, but not a whole week longer.  Same with wrapping the stems with plastic wrap.  A day.  Not a week or two. 

Which brings us to today.  Someone posted a whole list of stuff like that, including the vinegar before manicuring tip. 

Being the inquisitive minded person that I am-- and since it was way past time to redo my toesies-- I decided to conduct my own little experiment.

First thing was to remove the old polish, then give my tootsies a nice, long soak. 

Then, after trimming and filing my nails, I applied Great Value Distilled White Vinegar

to my right foot, leaving my left foot untreated as a control.  Then I applied two coats of my favorite polish

and let them dry.

I'm going to take a photo every few days, to record how long the polish last and whether it really does last longer on my right foot.  I'll be sure and share the results with you. 

And that was the most happening thing I did today.

Don't envy me my exciting life.

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