Monday, November 25, 2013

Moody Monday

It has rained all day long.  And I do mean 

Well, we got Rylea up to the vet.  James took her, since he was off today, so I wouldn't have to miss work.  She is going to have to spend at least one night.  They cleaned her up good today, and tomorrow are going to put her under anesthesia and trim up the edges of her cuts and stitch her up.  I'm supposed to call tomorrow afternoon and check on her. 

The good news is, we are off work on Wednesday.  I didn't go get my pie pumpkin today, because I didn't want to get out into the cold and rain.  Hopefully, the rain will stop tomorrow, and I can go get it after work.  Then Wednesday, I can cook it down and make a pie. 

Beverly and James got a smoked turkey, so I can save mine for Christmas.  Oh, more good news, Cody has decided to come home for Christmas.   He is going to Texas for part of his break, but has decided to come back because he doesn't want his mama to be alone on Christmas. 

More good news, my Whatever Cactus is blooming.  

I'll take a better picture when it gets more blooms on it, and it's not bedtime. 

Sounds like the rain has slacked off a bit, so I'm going to go walk Jesse and go to bed.  He's afraid of the dark, you know.  He won't go outside after the sun goes down unless I go with him.  Or in the morning before the sun comes up, either. 

Strange dog. 

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