Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

There is a cold front moving in, and it's been pretty chilly today. I don't think it's gotten out of the 40s at all, and for Mississippi, that is cold.  They're predicting down into the 20s tonight, so it looks like we might finally get that first frost after all. 

Everyday Ruralty


1.  Would you rather sit in front of a fireplace with a roaring fire, soak in a lovely bath, or spend free time on your computer? 

 In front of a fire, wrapped in a blanket with some hot chocolate and my knitting, or a book. 

2.  Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? 

Dark.  I love dark chocolate.

3.  Have you ever tried a recipe from a blog or Pinterest? 

Yep.  I've gotten lots of good recipes that way.  Egg free carrot cake, gumdrop cookies, cherry kiss cookies.  Lots of stuff. 

4.  Do you have a guest room? If not, do you have a spare room that you use for something other than a bedroom (sewing room, office, craft area, etc)? 

No guest room, because I don't want people in my house.  I do have two spare bedrooms.  One is my craft/snake/computer room.  The other is Cody's old room, which unfortunately for him has become somewhat of a storage room.  

5.  Is your hair curly, straight, or something in between?

Curly.  Very curly.  Funny thing is, when I was a kid, it was just wavy, while my sister's hair was very curly.  As we've gotten older, hers has gotten straighter, and mine has gotten curlier.  Now hers is wavy, while mine is curly. 

That's all for this week.  Y'all stay warm, y'hear?


Suzanne McClendon said...

Pinterest is a great place to find all sorts of recipes. I am so glad that someone invited me to join several years ago. It's great. :)

Have a great week!

Patrice said...

I love dark chocolate!It's sure easier to not have people in your house. My German Shepherd would like it if nobody ever visited. The cats think visitors come to see them.:0)


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