Monday, September 02, 2013

September Thirty Day Movie Challenge

I had planned on getting up and going fishing this morning.  Instead, I woke up to the sound of thunder driving rain.  So, I spent the day catching up on season 9 of Grey's Anatomy, which is finally on Netflix.  I'll be all ready for season 10 to start in a couple of weeks. 

Day 02 - The last movie you watched

The last movie I watched is an old one, but still a good one.  You've Got Mail, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan.  Free to stream with your Amazon Prime subscription.  It's not one of my favorites, but it is a cute movie and I enjoy watching it from time to time.

Guess what?  Today is your lucky day.  You get a two for one post.  I was reading some other blogs and found this meme.  I've seen it a couple of weeks now, but haven't really been interested in doing it.  Too many memes, you know.  However, I like the questions this week, so I think I'll answer them.

Acting Balanced

1. September is National Library Card month - when was the last time you checked a book out of the library?

Well, my library card expired in 2009, so I'd say it's been a while.  I have checked out books from the church library from time to time, but usually I just read what's already on my Kindle.  

2. What are you most looking forward to about autumn?

Everything.  I love autumn.  I love the cooler weather, the first frost, warm days and crisp nights.  I love the colors, the smells, the holidays, and football.  Oh, by the way, Glade has a new candle out this year --Fall Hayride-- that smells so good.  I've got to go get another one.  

3. Has the word Christmas entered your vocabulary yet?

Oh, yes.  I started thinking about Christmas months ago.  I even cast on an afghan that doesn't look like it's going to get finished in time now.  Well, maybe it can be for next year.  

4. Do you care that Football season is starting?  Who is your team?

Do I care?  Do I care?  I've been counting down the days since Super Bowl Sunday.  I spent all day long Saturday watching college football.  My teams are the LSU Tigers, the Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys, and whoever Jacob Hester plays for.  

I'm going to opt out of adding a 5th question.  Instead I'll share with you one of my favorite songs honoring the working American.  


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