Monday, September 16, 2013

Road Trip!

I needed some new work jeans, so I decided to drive up to Batesville to the outlet mall there and get me some.  Then, kind of a spur of the moment thing, I messaged Amy and asked if she wanted to meet up at Hank's.  I had a gift certificate that I needed to use, so it wasn't a stretch to drive the rest of the way to Southaven.

I felt kinda bad not asking Christi, but it really was a last minute thing.

I had a little trouble along the way.  I got halfway out the door when I realized I didn't have any shoes on.  Yeah, if I'd been going to Wal-mart, it would have been OK, but not so good going to Southaven.   I went back inside and found my shoes, and was halfway out the door again when I realized I didn't have my gift certificate to Hank's.  That was the main reason I was going up there, so I would have been upset if I'd gotten there and realized I didn't have it.  I went back inside and got the gift certificate, and finally was on my way.  I got about 20 miles up the road when I realized I didn't have a knitting project.  Sigh...

Anyway, I got there, and the first stop was Books -A- Million, where I bought this:

It is a cookie jar, and when you close the lid, it makes the TARDIS sound and the light lights up.  Naturally, I put some Jammie Dodgers into it.

Amy said she has one too, and her boys always seem to know when she's trying to sneak a cookie.

Fancy that.

I also picked up a few things for Cody's birthday, which is next month. Since he doesn't read my blog, I feel safe showing them here.

After a brief walk through of Sportsman's Outfitters, at which I didn't buy anything, I went on to Hank's, where I bought this yarn on clearance for half price.

And some more soldier hat yarn.

Since I had forgotten to bring a project with me, I bought some more circs and started this hat with this yarn, that I also bought.

And Amy and I talked, and visited, and laughed, and checked the scores of the ball games on our phones, and missed Kat and Christi, and ate delicious burgers at Huey's, and all too soon, it was time to come home.

And do laundry.  Sigh...

In the meantime, I watched lots of football and worked on the sock I'd intended to take to Southaven.

On a completely unrelated note- well maybe not so unrelated since I have mentioned football already-- here is an artsy fartsy progress photo of Kyle's blankie. 

Steelers colors. 


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