Monday, September 30, 2013

An F.O. n' Stuff

Here's the F.O.

You know, I sometimes see hat patterns with a 120 stitch cast on, in worsted weight.  This one is a 96 stitch cast on, and it's quite large.  I can only imagine how huge a 120 stitch cast on would be.

I don't have enough brown yarn to make another hat, so I think I might make a striped one with this yarn and the camo yarn I used for my last hat, which I just realized I never posted a photo of.  So here it is:

Brown ribbing, camo body, and brown crown.  I think that'll look fine.

Now, for the n'Stuff. 

I did a good job by separating those spider lilies last year.  I'm going to have a buttload of them this year.  These are a patch in my front yard.

Here are the ones in my front flower bed.

And that's not even counting the ones in the back yard, and there will be a bunch of them, too.

Speaking of flower beds, this is all that remains of my poor Four O'Clocks. 

I don't think I'm going to fool with them next year.   Whatever is eating them alive doesn't seem to be touching anything else, but these are pathetic looking.  Most of them are completely stripped, and only have one or two sad looking little leaves at the very top.  As much as I love the plant, it just isn't worth it. 

I've been watching that new show on FOX called Sleepy Hollow.  It's pretty good.  I was talking about it at work today, and found a coworker who had never heard that story.  I promised to tell it to her tomorrow, so I need to reread it myself to get all the details down. 

So, I'm off to do a little reading. 


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