Saturday, September 21, 2013


We have some new neighbors, and they have some dogs.

Their dogs and our dogs have been having some squabbles trying to establish territory, pecking order, and whatnot.  They'll eventually get used to each other, and may even become friends.  But for now, there's some bickering going on.

Last Friday, one of them bit Rylea.  It was just a small wound on her shoulder, so I cleaned it out with Betadine and Neosporin for a few days, and it seemed to be doing OK.  I noticed a little bit of puffiness around it, but just attributed it to the bite being a little swollen.

Well, yesterday evening, when I was feeding her supper, I noticed she had a great big blob on her shoulder, right where that bite was.    You can kind of see it in this somewhat grainy photo I took with my phone.  It's a big, puffy spot on her right shoulder, on the left side of the photo.

 Since I was planning on taking Jesse to the vet today anyway for his heartworm preventative shot, I leashed Rylea up and took her in, too.

The vet said it was just fluid built up under her skin.  He called it a seroma.  Basically, when she got bitten, it pulled her skin away from her shoulder and that space filled up with fluid.  He drained it, and said it would probably fill back up, and that was OK.  All I had to do was drain it again.  It looks like a lot of blood, but it's mostly just fluid with a little bit of blood in it.

He did give her an antibiotic, because there is the possibility of an underlying infection, but said that she would be OK. 

I came home, ate a little bit of lunch, then went to the Downtown Jubilee.  I didn't stay long.  I usually go early in the morning, but I'd forgotten about it, until I saw the sign on the way to the vet's office.  Everything seemed down this year.  There weren't that many craft booths.  Even the car show only had about 5 or 6 cars.  So, I came on home and watched football for the rest of the day.

The good news is, my spider lilies are starting to peek out of the ground.

That's a sure sign fall is here for real!

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StephieKnits said...

Hope Rylea mends quickly!


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