Tuesday, October 09, 2012


I had a rough night last night.

I spent half the night with a T. Rex trying to eat my head.  Then I woke up having to pee like a Russian Racehorse, only I was too scared to get out of bed.

I lay there in bed thinking, "This is one of the few times I actually wish I was married."  Kinda tough laying there with no one to protect you.

But the needs of the bladder eventually outweighed any fear, so I had to go.

By the way, I had a friend in college who used to say that all the time.  Pee like a Russian Racehorse.  I kind of adopted the phrase, though I have yet to make sense of it.

Do horses in Russia pee more vigorously than horses everywhere else?

Don't answer that.  I don't really want to know.

Then I went back to sleep and dreamed my credit cards got stolen because I was grocery shopping and forgot to push my buggy along with me until I was two aisles over.  By the time I realized I didn't have it and went back to find it, my purse was gone.  No worries, I just whipped out my handy dandy cell phone, called customer service and reported my cards as stolen.

Why I had the customer service numbers in my cell phone is beyond me, but I got to thinking, it might be a good idea to actually put them into my phone.  You know, just in case.

Yeah, I had a rough night, which usually means a rough day follows it.  But I did manage to drag myself to the store after work and get Cody some more stuff to send down with Beverly and James.  Stuff college kids need.  Microwave soup, dinners, and popcorn.  That kind of stuff.

I got myself a fresh box of microwave popcorn, too.  Then I got home and remembered I don't have a microwave.  Sigh...

I think I'll just lay in the floor and whimper for a while...

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