Friday, October 12, 2012

The Loot

Now that Cody's birthday presents have been safely delivered to him, I can show you what they were.

As soon as I saw this, I knew I had to get it for him.  I call it vengeance for 30 hours of labor.

It's one of those maze things where you have to roll a metal ball along a track, only this track is inside a big ball, and you have to keep turning it just right, or the metal ball will fall, and you have to start over.

Boy, that sentence ran on like all those hours of labor did...

For the rest of his present, I put together a little college survival kit.  Microwave mac n cheese, and some Halloween candy.

And some funky pens, because what every college student needs is funky pens.

Oh, and the cookies.  We mustn't forget the cookies.

When I found out Beverly and James were heading that way, and I wouldn't have to mail this box, I went and got some more stuff.  A box of popcorn, microwave soup, and those microwave meals that you don't have to freeze, and some instant apple cider.

I was going to buy him a mug for his cider, but Wal-mart doesn't carry just plain old coffee mugs any more.  So I decided just to get him one out of the cabinet.  While I was looking, I found an old Mississippi College mug that he'd brought back from a church trip down there years and years ago.  I'd forgotten I even had it.

That was the one I started to send him, but then I remembered it isn't microwaveable.

Ask me how I know...

Not a good idea.  I sent him one that he'd gotten when my brother took him to Galveston, so he ought to like that.

Finally, for good measure, I threw in the inaugural Jayne hat. 

And some money.  That was it for this year.

You know it's going to be a rough day at work when the first thing you see when you get there is your group leader running down the aisle screaming.  I wish I could say that that was not a precursor to how the day went, but I can't. 

It was pretty rough.  So I'm going to bed now. 


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