Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's Wednesday

And I got nothin'.

I've been knitting, but ...well...

I can't really show you the gradient cowl, because it's supposed to be a gift, you know.  But I can tell you that I'm at a standstill until I get my other yarn in.

I'm still working on hats, too.   The other day, I got them all out-- all the completed ones, that is, and took a picture.

That'll keep a few heads warm. 


Bag Blog said...

These are great! How much do you want for one or are they designated for something else?

Becky G said...

Lou, if you want one, I'll send you one. Just e-mail me your address.

Let me know which one you want, and I'll get it in the mail sometime early next week.


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