Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beautiful Fall Day

It has been an absolutely beautiful Fall day.  Cool enough that the heater came on this morning, but by lunch time it was warm enough I was able to open the windows. 

I did take the time out for my annual rant against women's clothing designers.

I needed a new pair of flannel pants, my old pair having bit the dust sometime last winter.  I looked all over Wal-mart for women's flannel pants with pockets in them, but no dice.  It's the same with sweat pants.  It's almost impossible to find women's sweat pants with pockets in them.

What do clothing designers have against pockets in women's clothes???  I know, I know,  the excuse is, well, women carry a purse.

Not when wearing lounge pants, we don't.  Nor sweat pants, neither.

If I want to hang out in my yard or go walk the dogs, I don't want to tote a purse with me.  All I want is something to slip my cell phone and house keys into while I'm gone. Needless to say, I had to go to the men's department to get a new pair of lounge pants.

I feel so disenfranchised.

Of course, like every Saturday this time of year, I watched football.  LSU, despite having no discernible offense whatsoever, still managed to edge out Texas A&M.   All the commentators keep talking about LSU playing in the national championship game again.  They must be seeing something I'm not seeing, because LSU is terrible this year.  We had such high hopes for Zach Mettenberger, but so far, he's been a bitter disappointment.  Can't put it all on Zach, though.  The receivers are dropping way too many balls.  Balls that should be caught.

I don't know what it is about Les Miles, but he can't seem to find a decent quarterback.  Zach is so bad, some of us are longing for the  good ol' days of Jordan Jefferson.

Now, that is bad.

I got this far in the gradient cowl

when I realized I'd made an error. After only knitting 10 inches, I began to think that my yarn was running out mighty quick.  That's when I realized I'd forgotten to check the yardage on the yarn. I looked, and sure enough, the Aloft was about 80 yards less than Shibui.  Sigh.  I didn't buy enough.  Since I'm going to have to order more anyway, might as well get enough to make my sister and sister in law one, too.

Rylea says, "Cheese!"

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