Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh Now Nifty

Russell's FIFTY!!

Happy Birthday to my big brother!!  (Freudian slip?  I had to type brother three times to get it right.  It kept coming out "bother".  Happy Birthday to my big bother.  Yeah...)


This is the only baby picture I have of him. He is three, and I am one. Believe it or not, I remember having this picture made. I kept wanting to sit down on that lovely, squishy carpet, and the photographer had to tell me to stand up by Bubba.  I think he told me to hold bubba's foot, but that part's a bit hazy.  But as you can see, Russell has his leg crossed over the other, and my hand is back there where his foot might be, so it's entirely possible. 

I can't tease him too much about turning the big Five -O, because in two years, it'll be my turn.  

One of my goals for this year was to do better at sending birthday cards.  Yeah, that didn't work out so well.  I did OK for the first few months, but completely blew by my brother in law Nathan's birthday.  His is going to be really, really "promptness challenged."  Russell's is going to be late, too.  That's the problem with his birthday being two days after Cody's.  He kind of gets lost in the shuffle.

Thank goodness my Sister in Law Yoke Wan posted something about it a couple of days ago, or I might have completely forgot.

Sigh, but it's a start.

I'm getting ready to watch the second presidential debate.  This one is going to be a town hall type debate, with yet another ultra lib moderating.  I expect it to go something like this:


Patti said...

Aww what a sweet photo

I think we must be related: hand on the Bible, I've been lax for several years now about B-Day cards myself and was thinking about getting back into it for 2013. Speaking of B-days, doesn't a certain blogger have one coming up too in less than a month?

Ha-ha, you'll turn 50 before me! (but only 2 months before me) :P

I don't know why the Repubs are such wimps about agreeing to these leftwing-stacked "debates." Glad to hear Mitt like P.R. did well in spite of; I opted for a nap instead and probably made the right choice.

Becky G said...

I know. I'd love to see Rush, or Glenn moderate a debate for once. And yes, it really did turn out pretty much that way. Crowley leaped to Obama's defense as often as she could, and the questions seemed specifically chosen to make Obama look good and Romney look bad. It just further showed how deep in Obama's hip pocket the media is.


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