Saturday, October 13, 2012

I Did It

I broke down and went and bought a new microwave.

It's a 1100 watt model with grilling element in it, which I haven't tried yet.  There was another one that was like $80 that I started to get, but I really wanted this one.  This one was a little bit more -- $99 -- but still not too high. 

I figured if I didn't get the one I really wanted, I wouldn't be satisfied with the one I bought.  So, I went ahead and got this one.

So far, I've reheated some stroganoff and popped a bag of popcorn.  It does popcorn well, so I should be all set for the next debate.

Speaking of, if you missed the vice presidential debate, you didn't miss much.  I knew it wouldn't be as easy for Ryan as the first debate was for Romney, but this was terrible.  The moderator was an old buddy of Obama's-- but no, there's no bias there.  I mean, just because he went to her wedding and all...

Anyway, she completely lost control of Biden, who was acting just short of psycho freak and even tried to debate Ryan a couple of times herself.  Um, you're supposed to moderate, nor participate.  Still, Ryan held his own against the two of them despite being interrupted over a hundred times -- 82 times by Biden and 34 by the moderator.  Yes, there were people who sat around and counted.  Someone even suggested a drinking game:  take a drink every time Ryan gets interrupted. 

I would have played, but I can't swim.  

Two days later, after the dust has settled and everything has calmed down some, my lasting impression of the whole affair is that Ryan was trying to have a serious discussion about the problems this country faces, while Biden-- like a bored child in a wedding party-- made faces at the camera. 

If you didn't watch it, I'm sure it's over on YouTube, but there's no need to go look it up.  Here is the entire debate nicely summed up in just over a minute:

Seems Clint Eastwood is a sort of prophet after all when he said, "Biden, he's just a smile with a body attached."



Bag Blog said...

I need a new microwave, but the old one will not die. It just limps along and looks ugly.

Patti said...

The debate was exactly as you described Becky, Biden embarrassed himself. I call it nervous laughter, since Democrats know the only thing they have to run on is lies and fear tactics about the opposition. Go get 'em Double-R!

Becky G said...

My first one lasted nearly 15 years. The last two have conked out after only 2-3. I'm hoping this one will last a bit longer than that.

Patti, yep, but you'd be surprised at the Dems who think he did so well. Of course, to them, it's all about who can shout the loudest, not necessarily who has the facts and logic.

I'm ready for the next one tomorrow night!


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