Friday, October 26, 2012

It's Beginning To Feel

like winter out there.

The cold front blew through today as expected, and the high of 64' was reached about the time I got out of bed. It started raining around 9ish, and rained off and on for most of the day, with the temperature steadily dropping.  It's now 46' according to Weatherbug.  I haven't gotten out to check my outside thermometer yet.

It was a good day to hunker down and finish this hat.

The yarn is Red Heart Red Hot, and it was knit on size 8 needles.  I cast on 88 stitches, which makes an average size stocking hat or an extra large beanie.  Most of the hats I make are beanies, since they seem to be what's in style now.  Or they have been.  Earflap hats seem to be making a comeback this year, based on what I'm seeing in the stores. I've got enough yarn to make one more hat out of this, then I'm going to make a bunch of Jayne hats. 

Well, not a bunch.  I have enough yarn to do three-- maybe four. Then I'm going back to working on using up my Red Heart stash.  I've got plenty.  I've even got some yarn that I bought to make Cody a sweater when he was 2.  Yes, yes, yes... I know...I know...

Let's change the subject now, shall we?

I did get the houseplants -- also known as Peabody and the Chicklets--inside for the winter.  Not much I can do for the plants in the beds.  It's their time.  I just noticed one of the Chicklets (A Christmas cactus-- and please, let's not get into a whole long diatribe about how it's really a Thanksgiving cactus.  The label on the pot said Christmas Cactus, and that's good enough for me) has buds all over it.  And there is a bee in my light fixture. 

That means it's time for bed.

Didn't you know that?  Bees in your light fixtures means it's time for bed.

That's cause I just made it up. 

But it's still time for bed. 

Snuggle weather...

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