Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When We Complained About The Heat

I've always considered myself a winter person. I loved the cold weather, the possibility of snow. Even the dreary, rainy days. But this winter, even I am getting tired of the cold and the rain.

In a pathetic, and somewhat vain attempt to brighten your day, I bring you memories of that far and distant time known as summer, when we complained about the heat.


Fruits and Vegetables


Country Roads

Reminders Of War

Wild Black-Eyed Susans

At The Beach

I hope I've managed to take just a bit of the chill off of your winter day. Thank you for walking along with me.


Dale said...

I'm a cold sort myself, because there is only so much clothing I can remove in the summer before people start to complain! On the other hand I can pile as much on me as my back can take and nobody says a thing!

Becky said...

Me, too, Dale. But this winter seems to have become especially dreary.


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