Friday, January 21, 2011

It's All So Clear Now

It would seem that winter has returned to North Central Mississippi, what with the freezing rain and snow we had yesterday evening.  There was no accumulation, except on Jimmy.  His doors were frozen shut this morning, and I had to pour water over them to get them to open.

It got so bad for a while that the dog didn't even want to go out.  She just kind of huddled on the couch, quivering.

The crazy Christmas Cactus has started budding again, too.

We are all very confused around here. Except the cat.

"Let me make things very clear for you,"says Squeaky.

"Your sole purpose on this earth is to provide me with noms and scritches.  That is all.  You may go now."

I guess I'll go knit for awhile.

Until her majesty beckons again.

P.S.  Former Group Leader Rod has been sick this week.  I offered to sing Soft Kitty to him, but he said he didn't think it would help.  So it's his own fault he's still sick.  Never underestimate the curative powers of a well sung chorus of Soft Kitty.  Even without the Vaporub and grilled cheese.  


Sus said...

People who believe in reincarnation talk like humans are the highest form one can come back as. They're wrong. The highest form one could come back as is a housecat. Just ask a housecat. :D

Patti said...

LOL cats are so funny


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