Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Bunch Of Grumps

It all started around 3 AM, when the cat figured out how to open my bedroom door and get in.  She's not allowed in my bedroom.  But she comes in anyway, jumps up on the bed and meows.  Stupid cat.

Then I get to work, and everyone there is surly and snarly.  We are all just tired and frustrated.  The long hours are getting to all of us.  It was so bad that I asked Vanessa, "Is it just me or is everyone in this plant grumpy today."  She said it wasn't just me.  Everyone seemed grouchy.

Former Group Leader Rod even came over and yelled at me.  Well, he didn't really yell at me.  He was just grumpy because his truck has been in the shop, and he's had to ride to work with his brother.  His brother smokes.  Former Group Leader Rod hates the smell of cigarette smoke, and it's been too cold to open the windows.  He was just blowing off steam, but he let me have an earful of it.

I must admit, I wasn't exactly a little ray of sunshine myself.  But a hot shower and a Hal Ketchum video makes all things better.

And Bones.  It's a Gravedigger episode.  Those are always good.

Hopefully, this will all be followed by a good night's sleep.


And God Bless.


Dale said...

Must be the "Global Warming" because things around here are about the same. Grrrrr....

Becky said...

I blame Bush. No, wait. We aren't blaming Bush any more. Now we have to blame Sarah Palin.

I blame Sarah Palin.


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