Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sock Regression

It took me a long time to get started, but I finally managed to frog* my sock from yesterday. I just sat and stared at it for a long time, thinking of all the work I'd put into it that would now be ripped out. I finally just sucked it up and started pulling....

I didn't rip all the way back to the beginning. I just took about an inch off the leg and picked up from there. From there, I managed to get the heel flap done and the heel turned, and I'm ready to start the gusset.

Lest anyone think that is all I've done today, I present to you the finished dishcloth, shown in the process of being blocked:

I don't normally block dishcloths, but in this case, I thought it would make the cables stand out better. I didn't particularly like this one, and didn't enjoy doing it, and I'm glad it's done.

Today's sky looked like this all day. I waited until late afternoon to take this, hoping the clouds would move off, but they never did.

It kind of reflects the day I had--rather gloomy and dull all around.

*Frog--rip-it, rip-it


Sus said...

I'm glad you finished the dishcloth, especially since you didn't enjoy the process. But, in the end, it's a dishcloth, so it won't really matter how the cables end up looking. I'll bet it works just fine. :)

Becky said...

True, but it is one that isn't likely to end up in my gift pile.


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