Thursday, January 04, 2007

It Has Finally Happened

I stood flatfooted on the ground, and had to look up at my son. My baby is now taller than I am. I knew it would come one day, but so soon?

Cody, of course, is thrilled with this bit of info. Upon it's discovery, he promptly decided he just had to e-mail everyone he knew and tell them.

Sigh, they do grow up, don't they?

Over in Portales, Buck is lamenting the fact that sometime the blogging well just runs dry. I, too, seem to be experiencing a lack of interesting things to blog about. Buck's son Sam has recently started a blog, and posted quite a bit on how he wants to write, and who his target audience will be.

While Cindy was here, we talked about blogging. She mentioned that she has decided she needs to put pictures and things on her blog. I mentioned that I like a more interactive blog, with photos and links and such. What we both agreed on, though, is that neither of us wanted our blog to become a log of our daily activities--a) got out of bed, b) brushed teeth, c) showered, etc, etc. I'm afraid that's what my blog seems to have become.

Another thing I don't want is for my blog to become political in nature. I feel there are already enough political blogs out there. I keep up with what is going on in the world, and I do have opinions, but this endless hashing and re-hashing just isn't what I'm in to. Heck, I didn't even make mention when the Butcher of Bagdad met his Maker. Until now, that is.

There are a lot of knitting blogs out there, too, most of which contain a laundry list of what the knitter accomplished that day. I just don't get that much done. Maybe if I had all day to knit like some of them do, I'd have a more interesting list, but some days I'm doing good to get any knitting in at all. Case in point, today's KAL rows are about all I've done today--and about 10 rows of the heel flap of my first sock. For your viewing pleasure--the dishcloth thus far:

Some people on the KAL have already finished this cloth. I suppose I could, too. I know what it is going to end up looking like, and it would be easy to extrapolate the pattern from here on out, but what fun is that? If I just wanted to knit cloths, there are thousands of patterns out there. To me, the point of a KAL is connecting with other knitters. Doing the same thing at the same time with like minded people. Almost as good as a local knitting group, but not quite.

So what do I want my blog to be? Well, I started it as a place to record my daily sketches. (BTW, I did do one today, but it is still out in the car and it is pouring rain. You'll have to wait until tomorrow to see it.) To fill in the gaps, I'd add information about karate, knitting, my snakes, my family--etc. Never in the life of me would I think people would actually read my blog. But people do read it, and I've made some very dear friends through blogging.

I've never been able to keep a diary or a journal for very long. I put off starting a blog for a long time because of this. I didn't want to start, blog a few weeks, then quit. But I see this differently. My diaries were private. No one ever saw them but me. My blog is public. Very public. I don't think of it as a diary.

It's more like a conversation with my friends. Thank you for listening.

Now, just a couple more things before I wrap this up for the night. Snakes do drink. I managed to catch Slider drinking and snapped this quick pic. This is remarkable because Slider is usually very timid. He must have been very thirsty.

Secondly, my nephew Paul was due today, but since I've had no word, I'm assuming he isn't here yet. Cody got a GoPhone with his Christmas money. What is cool is that he can talk to any other Cingular user without using any of his minutes. His grandma is in Alaska now, and he talked to her for 30 minutes the other day and it didn't cost anything but the $1 per day of use fee. Point is, I'm sure she will let him know as soon as Paul gets here.

And to cap things off, my cousin Jennifer has a new post up. I swiped this picture of my very patient uncle playing Princess with his great-granddaughter Alexa. Note the Princess crown and scepter. Snicker, snicker--aren't grandpas great?


Sus said...

Oh, honey, I know exactly what you mean about blogging. I always feel like I'm either boring anyone unfortunate enough to read or else I'm just spewing such crap that I'm making myself look like an idiot. What is the point? Do we want random people to read about us? Why? What about us do we want them to know? Is it just for our friends? I wouldn't be making this comment if that were so. In the end I just wing it and forget about it. I guess when a blog becomes so important that we worry about it, perhaps we should re-prioritize. In any event, I like your blog. So there!! ;)

Happy New Year, girl!!

Buck Pennington said...

It's more like a conversation with my friends. Thank you for listening.

Spot-on. Of all the things I've gotten out of blogging, the conversation among friends, old and new, is the one I value most.

Becky said...

Sus, I think that is exactly why I feel I have connected with you. You seem to have the knack of articulating exactly what I am feeling about something. And you know something, I like your blog too. And Happy New Year right back at ya!

Buck, you hit the nail right on the head. I've made some very dear friends from blogging. Just think, if I hadn't taken the plunge and started a blog, I wouldn't know you or Lou, or Dale, or Sus--I'd better stop before I leave somebody out! Anyway, I'm thankful to have met all of you, and that blogging has brought new friends into my life.

PerpetualBeginner said...

Hey Becky! My blog is back up and running. For some reason Google gave my new account a completely different username than my old account, which is why I couldn't get in.

I'm afraid that my blog is likely to get medical for a while, but I'll try hard to keep it from becoming all brains all the time. At least I have a cool MRI shot to start off with.

Conversations with friends is at least half of why I do blogging at all, and probably more than half of why I keep blogging. The other half is venting - commenting on the things I think about that I can't or won't necessarily say to the people I live with. Thinking out loud, only in print. And if all I ever thought about was what I did each day, I'd be a pretty boring person, now wouldn't I?

Bag Blog said...

I like the thought of a "conversations with my friends," When I think I am being boring (which is always) I will keep that thought.

I love the "grandpa" picture, but I was confused about the dog on his head. Then I realized it was probably some wall decoration behind him. Funny!

Becky said...

Yeah, the dog kind of threw me at first, too. You are right, it is on the wall behind him.

Lynne said...

I'm a fellow Stashalong member and am reading your blog for the first time (from the bottom up). I enjoyed reading your comments about why you blog.
I started my blog yesterday - mostly so I have somewhere to put all that information about the stashalong as the WPIs morph into FOs. I don't know what it will become or even if anyone will read it. Hopefully I will make some new friends too!


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