Monday, April 24, 2017

Puttering In The Garden

I've mentioned before that I'm moving some of my spider lily bulbs.  Well, all the ones that are out in the middle of the yard and such.  Thing about those is, they are so prolific, they multiply like rabbits.  I've got way more bulbs that I can replant, so I put an ad in the local freebees group on Facebook.  Several people responded right away.  Two of them came by the house this evening to pick up some bulbs.  However, the people I didn't know, or didn't have mutual friends with, I told them I'd meet them tomorrow at Wal-mart.  But that's beside the point.

The first lady came and got some bulbs.  She looked very familiar to me, but I can't place her.  She said she'd recently moved back to this area and was living in her childhood home.  She was just starting to work on getting the yard the way she wanted it.  Suddenly, she stopped and looked around and asked, "Didn't the [Previous Owners] live here?"  Yep, she knew them.  She was the same age as two of the Previous Owners' kids.  I told her that after Mr. Previous Owner passed away, Mrs. Previous Owner didn't want to live here by herself, and moved to Next Town Over to be near her sons.  We had a nice little chat.

She left, and a few minutes later, the second lady came by.  I had recognized her name from way back when she used to work out at the plant.  We were talking, and she abruptly looked at me and said, "Do I know you from somewhere?"  Yep, we'd worked together out at ADP.  She said, "Oh, I worked there a looong time ago."  I replied that I remembered her from there, and recounted something that had happened to her while she was working there.  She brightened up and said, "You DO remember me!"  The whole thing was kind of funny to me.  Usually it's people who remember me that I don't have a clue as to who they are.  This time, the shoe was on the other foot.  Still, it was good seeing her again.  

While I was waiting for the ladies to show up, I did a little puttering in my front flower bed. I turned the soil a couple more times, then mixed in my garden soil -- you know, that stuff I drove all the way up to Lowe's to get -- in with my dirt and smoothed it out.  After the last few days I've had at work, it was so good to get my hands into dirt again.

Speaking of dirt, one of my friends clued me in to a website that makes perfume, one of which is called dirt.  I went to the site and ordered a few samples:  dirt, salt air, ocean, and a few more.  I'll post more about that when they get here.

Back to my flower bed...the only thing I've planted in the new part so far is the two daisies I bought when I went to Lowe's.  I really needed to get them into the ground.

They were doing OK in the pots, but I'm sure they'll be much happier where their roots can stretch and grow. 

My roses are really coming on. 

The first lady who came for spider lily bulbs was admiring them.  I asked her if she wanted a cutting, and she said, "Oh, yes, please!"  She asked me how to root them, and I had to tell her I didn't know.  I've never really dealt with roses before.  I told her she could probably find out online somehow.  I gave her two, just in case one didn't work. 

Finally, one of my dahlias is about ready to bloom.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the rest of my bulbs to Wal-mart.  I'm going to wait for half an hour, and after that I'm going inside shopping.  I'll probably buy a few things to put into this flower bed, and I'll be sure to show you what I got. 

But now, it's way past my bed time, so I'd better hit the hay. 

Good night.

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