Wednesday, April 05, 2017

And The Fun Doesn't Stop

Just like that, I'm back to going in at 5:00 AM, at least for tomorrow.  See, we've been so short handed lately that we've had to double up on jobs.  Today, I was sub-brazing by myself, and even though I brazed 370 header assemblies -- 55 of them with 10 adapter tubes-- the second shift group leader still complained that I didn't leave them enough.  Just for perspective, sub-brazers are supposed to average 250 per day, and most header assemblies have 4 or 6 adapter tubes.  Even though I worked my hiney off, I got a bit behind.  Now, I still left them about 30, but they didn't think that was enough. 

Second shift supervisor asked me what happened, and I said, "They won't let me come in early any more, so I can't build up the line.  Then, if something goes wrong, I don't have that hour between first and second shift that I used to, so I can't get ahead there either."  Second shift supervisor talked to my supervisor, and he said to go ahead and come in early tomorrow.  We'll see from there. 

Yesterday, after Her Majesty The Queen pulled her little stunt, Group Leader Theresa said to me, "I don't know what to do with her.  When I was moving her to the line, she complained that I moved her all the time.  So, I started moving you, and now she's complaining about that."  I didn't know what to tell her.  Some people are just going to complain, no matter what. 

Today, GLT moved HMTQ to the line as soon as the shift started.  No, she wasn't happy, but the rest of us got a bit of entertainment out of it.  For some reason, she picked up a bunch of header assemblies and put them on top of a box of florators -- a box which another coworker -- hereafter known as HotHead -- was trying to open. 

HotHead moved the header assemblies off the box,  and HMTQ said something smart to him.  I wasn't close enough to hear, but it sounded like she told him not to move her parts, or something like that.  She put them back on the box, and HotHead picked them up and threw them, saying, "They go in that bin right there!"

Things just escalated from there.   There was a lot of yelling and hollering, and this skinny little girl who doesn't even work in our department tried to push HotHead out into the aisle.  That made him even madder, and he just shoved her aside like a blade of grass and he and HMTQ kept yelling at each other.  Another coworker went over there and managed to calm HotHead down, and sent him outside to cool off.

By that time, someone had already gone and told Supervisor Patrick, so they had to do an investigation.  I suspect it was that skinny girl.  Anyway, they hadn't even finished taking people's statements when HMTQ's daddy came charging into the fray, demanding to know what had happened to his precious little darling. 

It was all very thrilling.  We haven't had this much excitement in the plant since...well...last week, when they arrested someone for a double murder. 

Well, it seems winter is not quite done with us yet.  When I got off work, boy was that wind kicking.  It blew one of my new daisies right out of the pot!  The daisy was on the porch, and the pot was all the way around the side of the car port.  I put it back and brought all my plants inside.  Tomorrow night, they're predicting upper 30s.  It shouldn't frost, but I think I'm going to cover my outside plants just in case.

I was letting the dogs out, and managed to snap a photo of this gorgeous sky. 

By the time I let them back in, it was gone.

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