Thursday, June 09, 2016

Typical Thor's Day

I knew it was going to be a typical Thor's Day filled with mayhem the second I woke up.  My first waking thought was how badly I wanted to call in sick and just stay in bed.  Then that little voice in my head informed me that I was too close to another perfect attendance bonus to blow it now.  So, out of bed I get and to work I go.

I get to work, clock in, and head upstairs to make my copies of the daily schedule -- only to find the office door locked.  Why, I don't know.  It's never locked.   But it was today.  No big deal.  I'll just run down to Tubing and use their computer to print some out.  I get over there and it figures.  Their computer is down.   Um, yeah.  OK, I'll just use an old schedule until someone gets here.

I go back to my stand, and about that time, I saw the dispatcher come in, so I start to go back upstairs.  She meets me as she's coming back downstairs.  She doesn't have a key.  She works in the production office and doesn't have a production office key.  But, she knows what to do.  She borrows a screwdriver from the maintenance man and jimmies the lock.  We finally make it into the office -- only there are no schedules.  No one has printed them out.  Aaaand...

The day just went down hill from there.

As if that weren't enough.  (TMI WARNING), you know how they say that if your red headed aunt doesn't visit for a year, then you are considered to be through The Change and done with it?  I made it 11 months.  Sigh...

After all that, I just came home, binged on Grimm reruns, and cast on a new hat with the rest of the baby dress yarn.

I just didn't have it in me to do anything else.

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