Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Dull Day

I'm afraid this is going to be a somewhat dull post, as it has been a somewhat dull day.  No mysterious phone numbers.  No birds in fireplaces.  No fights between coworkers.  Just relentless heat and monotony.

The most exciting thing going on is that it is Shark Week on Discovery channel.  In honor of shark week, I wore my shark tooth necklace.

I've had a thing for sharks for as long as I can remember, and the year I turned 11, my parents gave me this for my birthday.  That and a trip to see Jaws at the theater made for a memorable birthday.

I've been meaning to start cleaning and organizing the craft room for a while now, but it's so cluttered that I get overwhelmed by it all.  So I said I'd start small.  Just one thing at a time.  Today, I chose this.

It's an old project bag that I've had for probably 15 years.  As you can see, it's collected a lot of dust and dog hair over the years, and was filled with mostly non-knitting stuff.  I mean, seriously.  Books, old magazines, even a pair of old shoe inserts.  Ick.  Why they were in a knitting bag is beyond me.  I've long since given up trying to find an explanation for such things.

I put the books in the bookshelves, tossed the magazines and shoe inserts, and putting the knitting patterns in the knitting pattern cabinet.  Then I took the empty bag to the kitchen sink and washed it out.  I'll let it dry, then put it behind one of my end tables in the living room for -- you know, actual knitting projects.

I did find a couple of gems hidden within the bowels of that bag that I wanted to share with you.  First up, this set of dinosaur needlepoint Christmas ornaments that I'd completely forgotten I had.

I remember (after I found them) buying them to make for Cody.  I started making them, and got about halfway done before I set them aside.  I don't know why I didn't finish them.  They're really cute.  I'm going to try to get them finished before this Christmas.  Along with a bajillion other projects I've got going on.

And then there were these:

Necklaces and a bracelet that Cody made me for Mother's Day one year.   I'd been hunting for them for forever, and now I've found them.  Yay!  They are safely tucked away in a drawer with some other keepsakes.

OK, I'm going back to watching Shark Week.  I declare, I spend most of this week hollering "Get back in the cage, Dummy!" at the TV.

It's nerve wracking, I tell ya.

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