Sunday, June 26, 2016

Not So Fast

Cody came home yesterday to bring me the lease to sign.  Before he got here, he texted me and said two of his friends were coming with him to bring his furniture back with them.  And by furniture, he means his bed and his gun cabinet.

Cody got there around 3:30 and said that Josh and Matt were having a little trouble with their truck.  They'll be here in a little bit.  We looked over the lease, discussed some of the particulars, and I signed it.  I also cautioned him, since it's my name on the lease, saying, "I've got good credit now, and it had better stay good."   He told me some of their budgeting plans, and it sounds like they've got it all worked out.  I told him to make rent and the electric bill the top priority, since they are the most important.

About that time, he got a text from his friends.  They didn't think their truck would make it all the say here.  They were heading back to Clinton.  Their truck was running very hot -- so hot that the coolant reservoir melted.  We heard back from them later.  The good news is, they made it back safely.  The bad news is, we  didn't have a way to get Cody's furniture to his new apartment.  He talked to another friend of his, and he will be able to help, but not this weekend.   The plan is for him to come back next weekend and get it.

Since his friends didn't make it here, I invited him to spend the night.  And I took him shopping for stuff.  You know, the things you need but that early 20-something young men don't think about.  Flour, sugar, shortening, a canister set, and some baking dishes.

An ice tray, and a dish rack, plus measuring cups and a few utensils.

Then I took him to the grocery side and bought him some boxed dinners.  And I told him, "Rice and spaghetti are your best friends."  Not together, though.

When we got home, I said, "You don't have to spend the night if you don't want to.  I didn't mean for it to sound like an order."

"No, I want to.  It'll be good to sleep in a bed again," Cody replied.

"Where've you been sleeping?"

"On their couch."

He spent the night, and slept until 1:30 PM.  When he came out of his room, I told him I'd thought he was going to sleep the whole day away.  He replied that it felt so good to sleep in a bed, he just didn't want to get out of it.  Can't say I blame him.

He loaded up and left around 3 ish, and I got out and took some pictures of my flower bed.  There is some good dirt in my yard.  My flowers never grew this big at my old house.

I had no idea those vincas would get this big.  My last ones never did.  My poor little Dwarf African Marigolds are lost in the middle of them.

My big marigolds are huge.

Even my one lonely zinnia takes up about half the bed.

Now that I know these plants will grow to be ginormous, next year, I can plan better and leave more room between them.

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