Friday, June 17, 2016

Good News!

I was driving home from work several weeks ago, when I saw one of my new neighbors going into his house.  

"Hey!  That looks like one of my coworkers!" I said to myself.  Of course, I called his name, but out of respect for his privacy, I won't post it here.  I thought the next time I saw him at work, I'd have to ask him.  But that's the problem.

I've known this guy for years.  We used to work on the same line for a while, but they've moved us both several times since then.  He now works in a completely different part of the plant, and I seldom see him any more.  

A few weeks after I saw him the first time, I saw him again.  "That is him!" I said, and I waved at him.  I saw him a couple more times as I was driving down the road, waving each time.  Finally, yesterday, I ran into him at work.  

"Is that you I've been seeing on my road?"

"Do you stay on [our road]?", he asked.  "Is that you who has been waving at me?"  Yep!  We got to talking, and he told me he moved into the house he's renting about a month before I moved into mine.  He told me he wants to stay out there, because he really likes the area.  It's nice and quiet.  He said he didn't know any of the neighbors, though, because he goes home and goes inside.  

I told him how nervous I'd been about moving.  I'd lived in my old spot for 20 years, and knew everyone on that road.  Mostly.  I was anxious about not knowing anyone here, but it turns out I know about half the people on the road and didn't even know it.  I'm glad this guy lives here, too.  He's a good guy.  Someone told me he's a preacher.  When we used to both work on the same line, we'd talk about which book of the Bible we were studying at the time.  

So, yay!  

Other than that, there's not much to blog about.  It's been sooooo hot in the plant that by the time I get home, my brain has turned to mush.  I stand there at work all day thinking of stuff to post, but by the time I get home, I just don't feel like doing anything.  

That's why blogging has been sparse this week.  Maybe something exciting will happen and I'll something to post soon. 

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