Friday, October 11, 2013

I Love Surprises!

Well, the new laptop and I are slowly getting used to each other.  I've got the e-mail problem figured out, but I can't fix it on my end.  See, the new e-mail program on Windows 8 doesn't support POP e-mail, which is what mine is.  I'll have to get ahold of AT&T customer service to see if they will switch it for me.

People who know me know how I feel about making phone calls.  I don't even like doing the instant chat thing.  It's preferable to the telephone, but only marginally.  So, I've been putting this off for two days.  I've got to get it done soon, though, because all my bills go to that e-mail.

I did spend some time this morning downloading all the bazillion updates new computers seem to need.  Kind of makes you wonder, though.  If they are brand new, why so many updates?  I guess software becomes obsolete just that fast.

But, on to better news...

A few years ago, a friend of mine wanted to open a fine yarn and pottery shop.  She asked for volunteers to knit up some samples for the shop.  You know, so people can see what the patterns look like in real life, and how the yarns knit up and such like.  Of course, I volunteered.  She sent me the pattern book and the yarn, and I knit up the hat for her.

Those of you with especially good memories, may recall Mr. Frosty volunteering his butt to block it over. 

Well, recently, she has decided to stop selling yarn, and focus solely on the pottery aspect of her shop, so she sent me the hat back. 

Totally not necessary, but appreciated nonetheless.  She also sent me a few other gifts, just because she is such a terrific person, despite being a Steelers fan.  One thing we are both fans of, though is the old show Firefly , she knew I'd love this ornament. 

She made that in her shop.  She also has a passion for journals, so she sent me these two.  I will never ever write in them!

The paper is so smooth, so creamy, that I just want to sit all day petting the pages.  They will be reserved for something very special indeed. May e I'll write about how blessed I am to have such good friends.

We were back on 4 days this week, so I was off work today.  The plan was to get up and go grocery shopping, bathe Jake, and do some other stuff.  I didn't do any of it. Ragweed has been in full bloom this last week.

That is evil stuff, I tell you.  Evil.  I'll bet America could return to her prominence as the world's only superpower if we just tell Russia and China that we have ragweed and we're not afraid to use it.

Basically, I've had terrible headaches all week.  My head was hurting so badly one day that it felt like my face would explode.  If you see someone walking around Grenada with no face, it's probably just me during ragweed season.

Whatever, I decided to be lazy today.  I stayed home and rewatched all the episodes of Sleepy Hollow on, and finished up these socks. 

Finally, I found me some new fall jewelry.  Cute, huh? 

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