Thursday, October 03, 2013

A New Adventure

A couple of weeks ago, in what is probably just another vain attempt to control that mass of frizz that grows out of my head, I bought myself some curlers.

I say probably, because so far, I haven't been able to leave the things in my head long enough for my hair to dry.  I'm giving it yet another try tonight. 

I'll let you know how it goes.

I get to go deer hunting this year.  I've never been deer hunting.  I've been varmint hunting and such, but this'll be the first time I've hunted deer.  Oh, I always could have gone.  All I had to do was ask.  I just didn't want to go.

But now, with our reduced hours, I need to get some meat in the freezer.  So look out, Bambi!  I'm coming for you.

The good news is, we are working tomorrow.  This'll be the first five day paycheck we've had in a long time. 

Well, I've made it through this post without taking the curlers our of my head, so maybe there's hope. 

I'll let you know...

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