Wednesday, October 09, 2013

I'm Back!!

Well, technically I was never really gone.

The Computer Doctor called and said that they'd tried to reinstall the OS, and when that didn't work, they tried to install a new hard drive.  That didn't work either, so the only option left was to try to replace the mother board.  He said that it would be so expensive to do that I might as well get a new computer.

So, straight to Wal-Mart I went, mostly just to look and price what they had.  I found one I really liked that was on clearance for $350, but they didn't have any more.  While she was looking for one, the sales clerk found a different one for the same price.  That's the one I got.

It's only a 15" screen, but has the same RAM as my old one, and 500 gig hard drive.  It's got Windows 8, which I'm not sure I like yet.  It's going to take some getting used to, that's for sure.

I still can't get into my Bellsouth e-mail account, though.  It keeps saying my username or password is incorrect, so I'll probably have to call them and get something reset.  It's very frustrating, because that's the address all my bills get sent to. 

I've still got as lot of figuring out to do, but right now, I've got too bad of a headache to deal with it. 

I feel like my sinuses are about to explode and blow my face right off my body.  So if you see someone walking around with no face, don't panic.  It's probably just me.

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