Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chats On The Farmhouse Porch

I'm so glad to report that Patrice is back and feeling much better!  Welcome back, Patrice.  Let's chat awhile, shall we?  Since we are back to summertime weather, help yourself to some lemonade or iced tea, and join me on the porch. 

Everyday Ruralty

1.  Do you have any special plans for this week?

No, not really.  Thursday is Halloween, but we stopped celebrating it a long time ago.  Now that Cody is off at college, there really isn't anything to do anyway.  I will still watch It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, and I will wear my Great Pumpkin socks to work that day, but that's all I do any more.

Then Friday morning, I will get up and turn my fake Jack-O-Lantern around so that it is just a plain pumpkin.

And on to Thanksgiving we go.

2.  What's the most relaxing thing you do? 

Knit while listening to music.  There is something almost hypnotic about the rhythmic motion of the needles, and the soft click-scrape sound they make during each stitch.  Please note, this does not apply when knitting complicated lace patterns.  Those are more likely to make you throw things and burn houses down. 

3.   Have you ever worn a wig?(play, dress-up, or for real) 

Just once.  Back when I was a kid, wearing wigs was all the fashion, and my mother had one that closely resembled Howard Stern's locks when they were a bit longer.  My brother and I put it on one day just long enough for my mother to take photos of us.   Other than that, no. 

4.  Do you have an office or special place to use your computer? 

 I did.  I turned my spare bedroom into an office/craft room, and that's where my desktop sits.  Once I got the laptop, though, it sits on my end table right by my recliner.  Most of the time, that's where I use it, though I have been known to put it onto the kitchen table, or even take it to bed with me from time to time.

5.  What are your favorite kind of socks? 

The ones I knit myself, of course! Other than my holiday themed socks, I haven't bought a pair in years.

I hope you've enjoyed chatting this week, and be sure to come back again.  I've enjoyed having you here!


Banker Chick said...

I use to get a new T-shirt to wear to work on Halloween, but now I never wear them, I gave them to Goodwill this year since I am retired.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

ooooohhhh, love your hand knit socks; I am envious!

Patrice said...

Hand made socks sound wonderful. Better watch out for lace knitting! It sounds violent. Thanks for welcoming me back. I'm glad to be done with those headaches!


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