Friday, December 02, 2011

Shoppin In The Rain

For some reason, this year the plant decided to have our shutdown days on Mondays instead of Fridays.  So, while I went to work today, I'll be off through Monday.

The plan is to dig my wreaths out of the closet and finish with my Christmas decorating, wrap presents and see who I still need to get something for, and on Monday, go up to Southaven and finish up my shopping.  Yes, they're forecasting rain, but I'm going to go anyway.  I need to shop. 

And hang out with Amy.

Former Group Leader Rod stopped by my work station today and asked what I was planning on doing on my day off.  I told him, and he seemed very concerned.  "You met her online?????  Where does she live???  How long have you known this girl?????"  I thought his concern was touching, but not to worry.  People you meet online can be nice, normal, everyday folks.

Or they can be Amy...

He he he...

That reminds me, I must charge the camera.  

OK, moving right along...

Some of you may recall that not too long ago, I had to replace my tool bag at work.  I bought a fancy new backpack.  It was in the sporting goods section, made primarily for outdoor use, and expensive, so I thought it would be durable.

This isn't the first time I have been wrong. 

Earlier this week, I picked it up and lo and behold, a wrench fell out of a place a wrench shouldn't be falling out of.  I checked, and sure enough, the bag had already gotten a hole in the bottom.  After calling the bag manufacturer all sorts of things I should be ashamed of, I bought a new one today when I went on my weekly re-supply run.

This time, I went back to the brand I'd had before.  You know, the one that lasted nearly 8 years.  Well, I hope this one lasts more than 4 months, at least.  Although I am wondering why I got such an ugly pattern...Oh, yeah.  That was the only print available in that style--you know, with all the pockets and things.

And in an effort to avoid catching my kitchen on fire again, I broke down and bought a big stock pot. 

I figure, if they're going to keep giving us those gargantuan 20 lb turkeys at work, I need a pot big enough to boil the carcass down in.  The one I tried to use last year-- while plenty big enough for the 10 lb birds I would buy if I were buying them myself, just isn't big enough for the pterodactyls they give us at work.  I already had to buy a new roasting pan.  The one I had just wasn't big enough, and I got tired of having to buy the aluminum ones over and over again.

Um, wait, what is this?  Where did these come from? 

Don't they look good, though?  Now if only I can stop flashing long enough to want hot chocolate... 

And, as if my day weren't exciting enough, no sooner had I gotten home, got my groceries put away, and myself into my flannel pjs, than the Brown Truck of Happiness -- also known as the UPS Truck-- pulled up at my door.

In his hand, he had a box.  And in that box were these: 

And this one, too. 

I was sadly disappointed, though.  When I took the ball out of the box to put it onto my tree, I discovered that the paint was badly scratched, so I'll have to be sending that one back. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got three Christmas movies from Netflix, and a mug of hot chocolate with peppermint marshmallows awaiting my attention.

Flashes or no.

By golly.

P. S.  Dear Blogger, you do not need to autosave my post after every single keystroke.  Really, you don't. 


I mean it.


Oh, good lord...

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