Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Road Trip!!!

The plan was to go up to Southaven and go clothes shopping.  I can't even remember when I got new winter clothes.  I've been wearing the same skirt to church for about 15 years, and have about three sweaters I wear with it.

So I wanted to get some new clothes. 

I jumped into the Jimmy and headed North.  About half way between Coffeeville and Tillatoba, I realized I'd forgotten my purse.  No purse means no driver's license, no credit cards, no checkbook, no money.  No money, no shopping.  I had to go back and get it.  Naturally, I had to drive 20 more miles before I found an exit to turn around.

Not really.  I was only about 3, but it seemed like 20. 

I came back, got the purse, and by that time,  I needed to fill up my gas tank, and I felt like just giving up.  But I didn't.  I persevered and finally made it to my destination.

Naturally, any trip to Southaven includes a trip to Hank of Yarn, and a visit with Amy.  This time, Kat got to come, too.


Amy had her two boys with her, too.  They were quite taken with my shirt.

"Miss Becky, where did you get that shirt?   Mama!"

"Thanks a lot, Becky!"

And we knit, and we talked, and we laughed, and an inordinate amount of our conversation centered around our various dogs for some reason...but we had fun. 

After we'd visited for a while,  we went our separate ways.  I continued my quest for new clothes, but got very discouraged very quickly.  I just couldn't find anything I like.

I've ranted about this before.  I'm too old for the teenage hooker look, and not quite ready for the cotton housedress.  After I'd gone into about three stores, I gave up and came home.

In the end, my haul from Hank's is all I bought. 


New yarns for the blankie.


And another hank of Jojoland Fantasia, to make another Braided Swirl Tam. 


And a few more KnitPicks Harmony needles.

Still, it was good to get out of the house.  I keep saying I'm going to try to be less of a hermit.

Well, it's a start. 

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