Friday, December 16, 2011

Scarf'n Step

About 4 years ago, I knit this scarf.

And for about 4 years, I've been wearing this scarf. It's my favorite scarf. OK, it's my only scarf, but let's not quibble over details.  Like why the picture is sideways.  I have no idea. 

But I digress...

For 4 years, this scarf has kept my neck and nose toasty warm.  It's even long enough to wrap the ends around my hands and keep them warm, too.  Then one day it occurred to me, and I had to ask myself,

"Self, why don't you have a hat to match this scarf?" 

And I had to answer myself,  "Self, I don't have an answer for that." 

So I got online and found some matching yarn. 

The yarn is Trendsetter Tonalita, 52% wool and 48% acrylic, single ply, worsted weight, in the colorway 2352.  I'll have to experiment a little bit to see if I can adapt the scarf pattern to be knit in the round, but I think I can pull off a reasonable facsimile thereof.  Five balls ought to be enough for mittens as well.

And just to qualify for the free shipping, I threw this ball of Austermann Step into my basket.

It's colorway 0016.  I don't see a color name on the label, but the website I ordered it from called it Jeans. 

I absolutely love Austermann Step yarn.  I've only knit one pair of socks from it, and they are my favorite favorite socks.  All the other socks I knit around the same time are already showing signs of wear, but not the Step.  They are wearing like iron. 

I have declared tomorrow to be cookie baking day.  I suppose I ought to get to bed so I don't fall asleep in the dough. 

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