Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Let It Snow!

I told Greg I'd come in at 6 this morning, but when that alarm went off at 4:30, my first thought was "What was I thinking?"

But, overtime is overtime, so I got up and went on in.  By the time I got to work, it was snowing! 

Blast that global warming! 

It snowed pretty good for a while, but it was too warm and too wet, and none of it stuck.  It was fun while it lasted, though. 

Now it's just cold.

Freezing cold. 



What happened to that global warming stuff? 

In other news, I made myself an eggnog latte, then forgot to drink it.  So it was cold, too. 

Getting up at 4:30 does that to a person. 


StephieKnits said...

I just don't think it is fair that you are getting more snow than I am here in Utah.

Becky said...

for now, at least. By spring, you will have left me in the dust!


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