Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I Don't Know Why

I even bother.

All that work spent baking cookies, and I take them to work and nobody eats any.  Well, except for Brian.  He scarfed down the snickerdoodles.  Other than that, though...

I should have known better.  When I was on line 1, those cookies would have been gone by lunch, but over on line 2, they never-- well, hardly ever-- eat anything I fix.  That's why I've pretty much stopped making stuff to take to work.  I just end up eating them all myself, and I sure don't need that much sugar.

Funny thing is, when they have dinners or parties, they don't invite me.  They had a pizza party last week, and the first I found out about it was when I saw Greg coming down the aisle with a stack of pizzas.  Well, guess what?  My old line is having a pizza party on Thursday, and they invited me to theirs.

Um, well, sorry.  I get like this when I wake up to dog vomit in my carpet two mornings in a row.  From two different dogs, no less.  And we won't even mention the cat puke that is a near constant in this house.  Stupid cat.  She eats the Christmas tree, then pukes it all back up all over the floor.  Then goes back and eats the tree some more. 


I'm going to go knit now.

And hope tomorrow will be better.

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Bag Blog said...

The cookies look wonderful. If I had been there, I would have eaten more than my share. Keep in mind that when you do something nice for someone else it is not their response that is important, but your heart and the reason you did the nice something.

Last week I gave a gift to someone who looked at it, stuffed it in her bag, and went on. I don't know why she reacted as she did. Maybe I caught her at a bad time. I was definitely disappointed in her reaction. But then, I had to stop and think. I gave the gift because I wanted to. I did not give the gift because I wanted her to react a certain way.


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