Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Back in my pre-smartphone days, I used to write.  I carried a little notebook with me everywhere I went, and I would write. Most days, I'd spend my etire lunch break writing.  If the line went down, I'd pull out my little notebook and I would write. And Former Group Leader Rod would walk by and say, "Don't be writing my name in that book".

So I'd write his name in the book just for spite.

I wrote.  All the time.  When I wasn't writing, I was thinking of what I wanted to write.  Planning what to write.  Writing in my mind.

Once I got the smartphone, all that changed.  Suddenly there was Words With Friends to play, and Facebook to check, and "What's Wrong With The BCS" articles to read, and LOLCats to laugh over.  Suddenly, there was no more time to write.

 Today, it changes back.  Today, the smartphone stays in the pocket, and the notebook comes out. 

And I will write.

Even if I have nothing to say,  I will write.  Even if what I write seems to be no more than inane babbling, I will still write.  For writing is like exercise.  If you don't use it, you will lose it.  The inspiration dies.  The neural pathways fall dormant. 

So I will write again.

It may be difficult at first.  I may not feel as if I have anything to say.  But I will write anyway.  And as I write --even the inane babble-- dormant neural pathways will be re-ignited.  The spark will begin to glow. 

Calliope will once again whisper to me. 

And all will be right once more.


Bag Blog said...

I used to write lots of letters and get lots back. I miss that, but I write more now with my blog and emails.

Becky said...

I did, too. I wrote lots of letters, and had lots of pen pals, but now, I can't even seem to send an e-mail. I keep in touch through the blog and Facebook.


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