Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storms n' Stuff

We had another round of storms go through last night.  They hit here around 10ish and it didn't take long for us to lose power.  Of course, no power means no air conditioning, so it was too hot to sleep.

I did doze off eventually, and the power did come back on eventually.  By that time, I was so soaked with sweat that I was too cold to sleep.  I finally drifted back off, but I was so tired that I was afraid I'd sleep through the alarm.  Which means, I woke up every 10 minutes to check the time.

When I did get up and go to work, I was just beat.  However, thanks to the help of liberal amounts of peanut butter cookies and chocolate milk, I did recover enough energy to finish clue 2 of the AMS.

Just in time for clue 3 of Wendy's Summer Mystery Shawlette to come out. And I've still got clue 3 of the AMS to do, too.

Good thing we've got a long weekend coming up.  I'm going to need it.

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