Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Quadrifecta

Is that even a real word?

Before I begin, let me just say that after nearly 8 long and faithful years, it seems my Point & Shoot camera has finally decided to give up the ghost.  Thus, the photos are not the best quality, but I'm posting them anyway.  Let's take a moment of silence to remember the Kodak EasyShare that has been my near constant companion since 2003.

Are we all done? Good. Now, back to the party...

My dad used to call those people The Weather Guessers, and he's got a point. See, my forecast said sunny and mid 70's, so I dressed for... well, for sunny and mid 70's. It never got sunny, nor did it get mid 70's. Thus, my first stop was to Wal-mart to see if they had a jacket or sweatshirt left somewhere in the store. I got lucky. I got this puppy on clearance.

It was marked down to $7, but when I got up to the register, the cashier took an additional 50% off. I ended up paying $3.50 for it.  And it's been worth every penny, too!

On to Hank's.

Laura was there first.  Hank was running a wee bit late, because her husband had taken her out for breakfast and got to jawing.  So, I invited Laura to come sit in the Jimmy so she wouldn't have to stand out in the cold wind.  See,  her husband had dropped her off and left her there on the sidewalk, standing, alone, in a strange town...ummm, OK, that's not really how it happened, but it makes for a more exciting story.  Anyway, I invited her to come sit with me in the Jimmy, and we got to know each other a bit before everyone else got there.

Soon after, Amy arrived, then Kat and the three musketeers plus one were together again! 

That's Amy, me, Laura, and Kat.  Unfortunately, Amy couldn't stay long, but she did bring me presents!  Woo hoo!

She had told me when she had gone down to the Spring Game that she had gotten me something, but I'd completely forgotten, so it really was a surprise.  And looky, Christmas ornaments!  

I really like this one.

On the way up there, I saw a man in a white truck with a couple of big ol' LSU decals on it.  He was wearing a purple shirt and hat.  I thought about Amy when I saw him, and told her about it.  She said, "Yeah, that was my husband!"

Amy had to leave, so then it was on to the serious business of visiting and knitting.  Here is a very dark Kat working on her sock.

I have a lighter picture, but she was making kind of a funny face, and somehow, I don't think she'd   want me posting it.

Here we have Laura making new friends.  This is Ann on the right.

She will be moving to Birmingham (I think that's where she said) soon, and was very excited to meet Laura.  She said, "Now, I'll have a friend in Alabama!" Because, you see, Laura is from Alabama. 

And this is Hank, the shop owner.  She's one cool chick, she is.

After we visited, and knit, and petted yarns, and talked, and laughed a great deal, we went out to lunch.  I apologized for taking them to Burger King, but they said, "No, no!  You're the one with allergies.  You eat what is safe for you."  What good friends I have!

I took them back and showed them that shopping place behind the Wal-mart, but the only place we stopped was JoAnn's.  I was going to get some new yarns for the blankie, but once we got in there, it seemed that I've already bought everything they have. Then it was back to Hank's to wait for Laura's husband to come pick her up.  He's got to teach Sunday School in the morning, and said Laura would have to drive so he could study the lesson.

We were very sorry to see her go, and hope she can come back sometime.

So, Kat and I were knitting and visiting with some of the local folks, when Hank came over and asked us, "Have any of you ever dyed before?"  I replied, "No, we're all still alive."  Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

*Sheesh*  Um, nevermind...

Anyway, she invited us to come watch her hand paint some yarn. 

Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the finished yarn. It was really pretty, though.

All good things must come to an end, as they say, and soon it was time for us to leave. We hugged, and clung to each other, and many bitter tears were shed at our parting. OK, not really, but we did threaten Hank that we would be back, and next time, we would bring MORE people with us.

I'll have a better P&S by then, too.

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for:  what I bought!  I think I showed great restraint in only buying one hank of sock yarn.

This is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Burgundy, to knit a new pair of Baudelaires with. You may recall, I knit my first pair in Knit Picks Essential (now called Stroll) and they fuzzed so badly that you can't even make out the pattern any more.  So I want to knit a new pair.

Now, you didn't really think that was ALL the yarn I bought, did you?  Nope, my hat making kick continues, and here are 5 of the 6 balls of Cascade 220 Superwash I got to feed my need.

But wait? I said 6 balls, didn't I? So where is the sixth? Here it is, already being knit into a hat.

Yeah, you're feeling me, baby...


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