Friday, May 13, 2011

And Today's Post

Which will be brief, as I am about to head for bed. Got a big day tomorrow, and I can't wait!

So, the day I took off of work. Nothing to do. Could sleep as late as I wanted. What happens? I wake up at 4:30 anyway.

I took a shower, fixed breakfast for the folks at work, and knit this:

Well, not all of it, as I have been working on it for a while now, but I finished up chart D and E. I'm to the part now where I have to knit the same chart (F) until I get sick of knitting, then turn around and do it all over again. 

Later in the day, I dug out some old sewing patterns that I'd had stuffed in the bottom of a drawer. 

Some of them I'd bought, and some of them were given to me by one of Cody's old babysitters.  I'd made a few of these dresses, but right now I don't think I have a single one left! 

Then I downloaded, like 100 free books to my Kindle, so I'm off to read a bit before bed.

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