Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peak Season


Peak season is starting to wind down. Last Saturday, we only ran one shift, and today we were off.  It used to crack me up how people would react to the fall slowdown.  Every year it was the same.  Peak season usually lasts until late summer/early fall, though with the economic slowdown, it's ended a few weeks earlier than it usually does.  In years past, it was August or September when the slowdown came.  And every year it was the same.  They'd cut out the overtime, lay off the temporary workers--same as they did every year.  And every year somebody would start the rumor that the plant was closing and/or moving to Mexico, and we'd all be out of a job.  They couldn't get it through their heads that this happened every year, and the plant hadn't closed yet.

Beats me why the Mexicans all want to come here, when all our jobs are moving down there anyway.  Oh, yeah, for the welfare, free schooling, free healthcare, reduced cost housing, and food stamps. 

Christi wanted me to drive to Columbus and hang out at the yarn store with her, but I decided to just stay home this time. There'll be other weekends for a road trip.  And that's exactly what I did. I stayed home, did a little housework and a lot of knitting. I've gotten almost all of my new yarns

incorporated into my blankie. I've got one more of these more to add, plus some other yarn I'd bought back in March, then I'll post photos. I tried something new, too. The new Cherry Tree Hill yarn I'd bought (on the left),

well, I wasn't ready to wind it into a cake just yet, so I put the hank onto my swift, and knit the blankie square directly off the swift. When I was done, it was really easy to re-hank the yarn. I'll do the Lorna's Laces yarn that way too, along with a hank of Knit Picks Stroll I'd been saving. It would already be in the blankie if I'd thought of this earlier.

The Cowboys opened training camp today.  That means two weeks until the Hall of Fame game!  Then preseason.  Then football season!

I can feel life returning. 

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