Sunday, July 18, 2010


While Amy and I were petting yarns in Southaven Wednesday, they had one of these Fruit of the Vine scarves there in the store as a display.  Naturally, I fell instantly in love with the pattern, and came home and found it online. 

Yesterday after work, I cast on, using the leftover Knitpicks Shadow Kettle Dyed Begonia from my Vernal Equinox shawl. 

But something was wrong.  The scarf just wouldn't cooperate.  After ripping out twice, I figured out what it was.  The scarf didn't want to be pink.  It wanted to be blue.  I tried to convince it otherwise, but the scarf insisted. 

It wanted to be blue. 

What else could I do?  I ripped it out once again, and cast on in blue. 

The scarf is much happier now. This is Knitpicks Shadow in the now discontinued Snorkel colorway, left over from my Garden Party Shawl. 

This is how Rylea spent her Sunday afternoon, the picture of contentment. 


Kristen said...

Rylea is adorable. And I love the Snorkel color

Opal said...

if the scarf wants to be blue, what can ya do?

rylea is sooo cute! :D

Becky said...


Tammy said...

Ooooh! I have that pattern with yarn wound and ready to go. Just need to get started. Can't wait to see yours.

mornin'lady said...

Goodness, I haven't been on here for awhile!! Just noticed your comment and came to visit. Wibbie and I had a good laugh at your baby fart and I had to say this scarf pattern is just beautiful!! way to go Beck!

Becky said...

Tammy, maybe we can do a KAL. Loosely structured, of course. No telephones or post offices involved.

Dawn, thanks for stopping by! I've missed you.


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