Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Teeth and Yarn

First, the bad--two root canals. Well, one and a half. One of them was what the dentist called a partial cleaning. He said the decay in that tooth was so deep that it was getting in between the roots. If he drilled it out completely, the tooth would be separated from the roots and so he couldn't save it. He put a temporary fix on it until it could be extracted. The thing is, it was under a crown, so we couldn't really tell that it was getting decayed. Not only that, it wasn't hurting, so I had no way of knowing how bad it was getting. It only started hurting a week or two ago, but by that time it was too late. So we get it pulled, then start talking about replacements. Probably the cheapest thing would be a bridge, and I'll probably go with that for now. Eventually I want to get implants. Those are expensive, though, so I'll have to get them one at a time.

The other tooth only started hurting over the weekend. He successfully did the root canal on that one, but didn't remove the crown. Well, maybe you need a little backstory...

When I was a kid, I had two molars that never came in. The permanent teeth just weren't there, and so my primary teeth never fell out. When I was 19, my dentist decided they needed to come out. They were starting to turn sideways and affecting my other teeth. So he cut them out, and put fixed bridges in there--fixed as in glued in. To glue them in, he had to glue them to the teeth on either side of the spaces. It is very hard to keep these teeth clean at the gumline, and now they are beginning to decay and abscess. This makes three of them that I've had to have root canals on now. But, the good news is, I managed to make them last 25 years, when my childhood dentist said I'd probably have to have the bridges replaced every 10 years.

So that's where we stand on that. I'll probably call my regular dentist later this week, when my mouth has had a chance to heal a bit. I'll keep you updated.

After the dentist, well, you know what I always say, "Yarn makes everything better", so I went to the Knit Studio. This is the first time I'd been to it since it changed hands. That's been about 3 years ago. Anyway, I bought

Opal Mississippi Color 2084--I think. The label is entirely in German. This yarn is discontinued, but they still had quite a bit of it in the store. It was hard to pick just one color.

Corntastic --made from 100% corn. I've always wanted to try corn yarn, since it seems to hold patterns really well, so I finally broke down and bought some. This color is Turquoise, and it isn't completely accurate in the photo. It's more turquoisey in person and not so much baby blue. I think I'm going to make one of the highly patterned socks from Cookie A's Sock Innovation book with this.

This one is totally new to me. It is Filatura Di Crosa Maxime print in the color 5048. No name, just a number. But I loved these bright colors.

And finally, to console myself for knowing that I was going to lose a tooth, I splurged and bought myself some Kidsilk Haze. I've always wanted some of this, but the price tag was a bit off -putting. They only had two balls in this colorway, which is 592. Again, no name just a number. I love the soft, fuzziness of this yarn, and may just have to make something for me with it.

I also bought a small thing of eucalan wool wash. I'd always used shampoo to wash my knitted items, and wanted to try this out to see how it compares. Now I just need to finish something.

On the way home, I stopped by Wal-mart and bought The Blind Side. Wonderful movie, and based on a true story. I remember watching Michael Oher play when he was at Ol' Miss, and had heard about how the Touhys had taken him in when he was living on the street. The movie is their story. Even if you aren't a football fan, I recommend you watch this one.

But then, more bad news. I got home and when I took off my shoes, I found this:

I was so upset! These are my Falling In Love socks, and they hadn't been finished very long, either. Just over a month, in fact. I used to say that Cherry Tree Hill was my favorite sock yarn, but I'm beginning to think differently. I just had to toss my Nutkin socks because they had several thin spots and holes in the heels. I'd tried to fix them, but even the repairs wore out. Now these. They are the only two pairs of socks that have worn out. I have had another couple of pairs that I accidentally ripped holes in, but these are the only ones that have just worn out. I'm going to try to darn them, and see if I can get a few more weeks of wear out of them.

I hate that. These were my favorite socks. They always made me think of Marion Barber.


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