Saturday, February 20, 2010


Perfect weather. Warm enough I was able to open the windows, and just look at that Saturday Sky!

Last week, I got my tax return. Now, normally I spend a few dollars on something just for fun. Last year it was the laptop computer. The year before, it was a new digital SLR camera. This year, I decided to be a little more conservative, and try to get some bills paid off instead. But I did buy myself something I've been wanting for a long time.

A swift. I had been draping my hanks across the back of my recliner to wind them into cakes, and it is such a pain in the butt. I had to be real careful or the yarn would end up in a big tangle. A swift would make things so much easier.

Oh, and there was some yarn in the box, too.

But before I could play with the new stuff, I was determined to finish my Falling In Love socks, which had been on the needles way too long. And here they are:

A close up of the stitch pattern

And of the cable pattern

Finally, I was done with them, and ready to play with new stuff. Here is the swift loaded and ready to go.

The winding process

And the finished cake:

This yarn is Knit Picks Imagination in Gingerbread House. I'm not sure what pattern I want to knit up with this. It'll probably be a simple pattern, because the yarn is spun very loosely and will fuzz quite a bit.

Finally, this month was my 15 year anniversary at ADP. The longer you are with the company, the better the gifts get. For my 5 year, I got a clock radio. For my 10 year, I got a set of kitchen knives in a wooden block. This year, I chose this print.

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