Saturday, July 10, 2010

Religious Jewelry

 I saw a guy wearing a Rosary today at work. Apparently, that is some sort of new fashion statement.

The football player formerly known as Chad Johnson wears one.

40775, NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Thursday May 20, 2010. Cheryl Burke and her dancing partner Chad Ochocinco leave their New York City hotel after being eliminated from the Dancing With the Stars competition. Chad, who is a professional football player, was the 100th celebrity kicked off the series. Photograph:

As does this guy, whoever he is

41275, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Saturday June 5, 2010. Pauly D and Vinny from Jersey Shore make their way through Melrose Ave to do some shopping, stopping to pose with young fans along the way. Pauly D (plaid shirt) is seen holding onto his belt buckle and showing his trademark slick backed, gel-ed up hair. Vinny is seen wearing an I'm that dude t-shirt and sunglasses. Photograph: Jeff Steinberg / Matt Smith,

And this guy, whoever he is.

35610, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday November 9 2009. Dakota Lamas and A.J. Lamas leave Katsuya after celebrating Shayne Lamas' birthday. Lorenzo was also supposed to be celebrating his daughter Shayne's 24th birthday (Shayne is his daughter to second wife, Michele Smith) but stormed out of the restaurant after reportedly arguing with his son, A.J. Photograph: © Hellmuth Dominguez,

Now, I am not Catholic, but I do know this one thing, Rosary beads are not for wearing. (If you are Catholic, and I am wrong about this, please feel free to correct me.)  They are for praying. Wearing them is very disrespectful, perhaps even sacrilegious. I'm sure any devout Catholic would never be caught wearing Rosary beads.  But to these people, and others who wear them as if they were any ordinary piece of jewelry, they mean nothing.

Kind of reminds me of the fad not too long ago of wearing crosses.  The bigger, the gaudier, the better.  You know that these people did not know the significance of the cross.  Rappers who glorify the abuse of women, murdering police officers, drug use, violence.  The ones who can't go three words without the vilest of obscenities coming out of their mouths, would have huge 3 inch gold crosses hanging from their necks. 

And the jewelry store owner asks them, "Do you want a plain cross, or one with a little man on it?"  Yet they have no idea who that little man is, or why he was on the cross in the first place.  Because it means nothing to them.  It's just a fashion statement.

Several years ago, my sister and brother in law were visiting me.  This was during the height of the WWJD bracelet fad.  We had gone to visit the Christian book store in Batesville, and they had a basket of them for sale.  My sister offered to buy me one, but I'd seen too many people wearing them who had no idea who "J" is, or why they should even care about what he would do.

I declined.

My faith is more than just a fashion to me. 


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