Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Loot

Yes, I did make it up to Southaven yesterday and spent way too much money. My justification is that I only make it up there every 6 months, so I'm doing half a year's worth of shopping at once.

One of the main stores I wanted to go to, Sportsman's Warehouse, I discovered had closed. I was very disappointed. I wanted to find me some Teva type sandals.  When I walk Rylea with my regular sandals, I tend to fall off of them.  That takes talent, I know, but yeah...

So I went on to Gordman's and bought me some new work shirts. 

Then I saw an American flag t-shirt, and just had to have it.

I also bought a sweater shaver.  I'd wanted something like this for a while, and I finally got one.  The leg shaver came from Wal-mart.

I'd been wanting one of those, too because I hate shaving in the shower. Plus, there are times when I will be going somewhere and think, "Oh, I should have shaved", but don't want to bother getting all wet and stuff. I'm thinking this ought to come in handy for that.

I got two new hides for the snakes, but they didn't have the aquarium stand I wanted.  

I put the Repti-Shelter in Onyx's tank, but worried that it might be too small for him. It wasn't. He likes it just fine.

I put it into his tank because he has a way of filling up his hides with the wood shavings.  I thought the enclosed nature of this hide would prevent him from doing that.  So far, so good.  I'd originally put the other hide--the one on the left--into Blaze's tank, but took it back out.  It just seemed too big for him.  I put Onyx's old hide into Blaze's tank, and am going to put the new one into Slider's tank.  I'll clean up Slider's old hide and put it into Scarlett's tank.  That should be the end of musical hides, since they will all have adult sized hides now.


I stopped at the book store and bought

Arguing With Idiots, The Overton Window, and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.  I've already finished reading The Boy In The Striped Pajamas.  Now, normally, I am a the-book-is-better -than-the-movie type of person, and 99% of the time that is true.  This is one of the few cases in which I like the movie better.  (SPOILER ALERT) The movie much more vividly portrays the experiences of Bruno's final few moments, and does an excellent job of evoking terror from the viewer as you realize what's about to happen.  It also delves deeper into the fear Bruno's family feel as they discover he's missing, and the horror they experience as they discover what had happened to him.  The book just says he was never seen again.  After the terrible rush of emotions during those extremely disturbing scenes in the movie, the book was almost a let down.

Oh, the store clerk tried to get me to buy their discount card.  He said, that if I'd had the card, I'd have only paid $13 for Arguing With Idiots.  I asked him how much my total would be if I bought the card.  After he went and found a calculator, he figured out that my total would be $25 higher than if I didn't buy the card, and that was with the discounts applied to my books.   I passed.  Oh, if I shopped there a lot, it would end up paying for itself, but since I don't get up there that much, it just wasn't worth it. 

Anyway, back to shopping...After the disappointment of having the sporting goods store closed, I was excited to discover a Jo-Ann's had opened!  Woo Hoo!  Finally, a craft store within 100 miles of me!  Yay!  And, they had yarn!  Lots of yarn.  Ok, not as much as the yarn store, but definitely more than Wal-Mart.  I bought some new sock yarns for the blankie

And I bought some surprises for someone else, but I can't show them because she sometimes reads this blog, and that would spoil the surprise. (Uh, Opal, I need your mailing address again...I was sure I'd written it down last time, but now I can't find it!)

Finally, it was on to the yarn store!  I was a bit nervous about meeting Amy, because what if I couldn't think of anything to talk about?  Not to worry, As soon as she walked in, we were chatting as if we'd known each other forever.  We talked, we laughed, we knitted, we petted yarn.  She gave me this:

It is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Geaux Tigers (LSU) colorway, enough to make a couple of blankie squares.  Speaking of, everyone was duly impressed with the sock yarn blankie.  I'd taken the one I'm making for my sister up there to work on while we visited.

Too soon, it seemed, it was time to come home.  Before I left, I bought two more hanks of sock yarn.

The one on the left is Cherry Tree Hill in Country Garden, and the one on the right is Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Liberty colorway.  The funny thing about that is, I saw it on the shelf and only saw the maroon and white end.  I thought, "They have Mississippi State sock yarn", but when I picked it up, I saw that it wasn't MS ST after all.

And that was the end of my shopping spree.  I did buy one more thing, but since this is pretty long already, I'll save it for another day.

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