Thursday, July 01, 2010

Telling On Myself

Since I told off on my cousin Ashlee a couple of days ago, I decided it was only right for me to tell off on myself, too.  Fair's fair, after all.

I think it was the summer I was 7, and we'd gone up to visit Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tommy.  I had taken my bath and was getting my pajamas on.  Aunt Bonnie had a basket of toys she kept in the back bedroom for when kids came to visit.  Since my dad married late (for that day and age), my first cousins on his side were quite a bit older than we were.  They were already married and having kids while we were still pretty young.  In fact, Aunt Bonnie's oldest grandchild is the same age as my sister, and only 5 years younger than me. 

Anyway, I was getting my pj's on, and in that basket of toys were two mini footballs.  You know, the kind the cheerleaders throw up into the stands at high school football games.  Well, I don't know what got into my head, but I put those two footballs under my pajama top to make it look as if I had boobs.  And I walked out into the living room. 

Aunt Bonnie thought it was hilarious, but my mother was furious.  I knew as soon as I saw the look on her face that I was in for it.  I don't remember what punishment I got for it, but I never did anything like that again. But I've always remembered it.

I thought it was hilarious, too.  Still do.

Today's Photo:  Gratuitous sunset through hurricane clouds shot. 6/30/10


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